• Mission
  • Our team’s mission is to offer you the best, the most efficient and modern dermocosmetic products, for body care, spa and oral care products using the essence of the most precious gifts of nature, mud and water, perfecting both your beauty and your health through tone, flexibility and good humor. Cosmetic products are sold everywhere, but we stand out by the fact that we sell unique products and services, based on a philosophy initiated and developed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Ionescu Călineşti in the 70s of the last century. Our products are developed and created in Romania, with a special refinement, using the most modern and useful active principles in order to assist our customers and solve their problems associated with aging, environmental factors and the modern life conditions. The charm of our products is completed by the containers and the packaging with their own visual identity emphasizing the uniqueness of the brand. Constantly investing in specialized clinical studies and research, we are permanently in contact with the most effective challenges within the beauty and antiaging domain.Therefore, beauty is no longer just a mask over the effects of time, but rather a balance that needs to be found in natural surroundings. Each of our products contains that piece of nature that will bring you the revitalization you need, and the combination of its components will restore that harmony between health and beauty.
  • Strategy
  • Living a beautiful and healthy life is a philosophy that regards the individual as a whole, body, mind and soul. PELL AMAR COSMETICS aims to transfer this concept to its customers. We thus learn to live day by day in a more intense, more beautiful manner. Beauty lies in the way of life, in the positive mood, in the body and mind health. Therefore it is important to give value to every detail, every moment, everything that surrounds us – PELL AMAR
  • Objectives
  • We offer you a wide variety of products and services for: preventing and improving the aging effects AMINOPOWER and ADVANCED CONCEPT line; acne-fighting products: BIOACTIVE S ACNE line; body care products: ORGANIC SPA and THERAPY lines, and last but not least: oral care fluoride-free line.SC PELL AMAR COSMETICS SRL is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 GMP in compliance with the highest quality standards. Our products are developed and manufactured in Romania, carefully studied and researched by our experts in order to provide you practical solutions adapted to the specific problems of modern human being: degenerative diseases of aging, stress factors, and climatic conditions.

    PELL AMAR Team